Bow Season Opens October 1

Our staff are experts and can help you with all your hunting needs.

We are the Archery Professionals

Bay Archery is Michigan’s leader in archery sales and service. Bay Archery is a true “full-time, full-service, open 7 days a week, year round” archery retailer staffed by pros. (A real pro-shop)

For nearly 30 years, Bay Archery has been involved in the ever-changing bow market.  We have watched, tested, and sometimes been involved in new product development.  We have sold and serviced tens of thousands of bows.

Considering the amount of bows we have dealt with, the wealth of knowledge is almost unlimited.  Before we choose a bowline, we factor many things into our buying decisions.  This will insure you, the consumer, that you will get the right bow with the right set-up for the right dollar.  This holds true in the crossbow and traditional market as well

We have the hunting equipment you need and provide you with excellent service

What We Do

  • Big Game Specialists
  • Vast Selection - Traditional to High Tech
  • Bows - Hundreds in Stock - Crossbows
  • Custom Arrows - Simply the Finest
  • Service,Tuning, Repairs, Refletching
  • Custom Fit for Physically Impaired
  • Do It Yourself Supplies
  • Special Orders Welcome
  • Clothing Boots and Accessories
  • Licences, Videos, Books and DVDs
  • USGS Topographic Maps
  • Plus much, much more!

Other Services

  • Tuning
  • Paper Tuning
  • Chronograph / Kinetic Energy Test
  • Teardown & Rebuild
  • Limb & Wheel Replacement
  • Bushing & Axle Replacement
  • Sight-In Capabilities String/Cable Replacement

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