What you get with a Bay Archery Bow Purchase:

    • A complete and thorough setup.
    • Determine and adjust draw length and draw weight.
    • Installation and tuning of the arrow rest, sight, and all other accessories. (Peep Sight, String Loop, Stabilizer, Arrows, Sling, Silencers, etc.)
    • Paper Tune, Adjust Sight, Coaching, Speed Test, Kinetic energy test.
    • Six months labor warranty plus Mfg. warranty.
    • If extensive service is required during the season, (breakage) arrangement for a loaner bow can be arranged.
    • Complimentary packet of passes for area bow clubs, (Free 3D shoots) $30-$40 Value.
    • Our staff will offer shooting form analysis (coaching) to both the new and seasonal archer.
    • Our customer service before, during and after the sale is unmatched.
    • Use us to improve and advance your shooting skills and the enjoyment of your new bow.
    • Installation and tuning of accessories transferred or purchased elsewhere may require an additional fee.

Please contemplate all that comes with a Bay Archery Set-Up before you make a mistake that could cost your dearly (deerly).

If you consider our price, service, and recommendations on getting the correct bow and accessories, we are confident that by keeping from making some wrong buying decisions and avoiding mistakes on our set-up we will save you time and money.


For nearly 30 years, Bay Archery has been involved in the ever-changing bow market. 


We have watched, tested, and sometimes been involved in new product development.  We have sold and serviced tens of thousands of bows.



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